“Any situation where the data controller transfers custody of an IT asset to a third party for management or processing whether on a temporary or permanent basis.”

Carbon I.T Recycling understands that our client’s data destruction and erasure requirements vary. We therefore offer a variety of solutions that can be combined and performed both on and off site.

You can be assured that the security of your data is our primary concern.

There are numerous reasons why disposing of your end of life IT assets properly is critical. Compliance with the Data Protection Act is essential in order to avoid fines of up to £500,000, and pressure on public sector organisations to become not only sustainable but also accountable, its good practice to have a plan in place.


When performed correctly and with approved software, data erasures are often considered the most secure, cost effective and environmentally sound method of data destruction. Data erasure ensures that we can offer clients asset rebates on complete working equipment.

Carbon I.T Recycling supply our clients with individual, automatically produce data erasure certificates detailing specifics such as hard drive serial number, level of erasure and drive capacity. Our data erasure process guarantees that no data remains on the hard drives, enabling them to be reused rather than physically destroyed.

The data wiping software is capable of erasing information from traditional hard disk drives (HDD) and also more recent solid-state drives (SSD). This includes drives contained within mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Any drive that cannot be erased or fails our functionality tests are recorded into our bespoke ERM and shredded.

We are able to guarantee that 100% of data is permanently erased from all IT equipment.

Asset and Date reports are electronically forwarded to the client within 10+- working days. Client data records will be maintained and kept indefinitely in accordance with current legislation, industry and ethical standards.


There are clients that require a full data destruction service, our process for HDDs which applies to all types of data bearing media is shredding to a recognised standard. Serial numbers are recorded and the data destruction method is recorded on our ERM system for asset reporting.

All shredded material is processed by a third party and reintroduced into the manufacturing process.

For further information regarding our data destruction services please see our contact details.