Carbon I.T Recycling employ a dedicated team that have been security vetted – CRB/DBS Checked.

Collection staffs have progressed through a number of training classes ensuring that they adhere to Department of Transport Safety of loads on vehicles code of practice and the Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations 1999. This ensures that we maintain the health and safety of collection staff and as importantly the health and safety of other road users.

Collection staff will carry out a risk assessment on the area/load and advise you of any potential hazards for your premise users whilst the collection is being loaded.

Storage of collected equipment correctly on vehicles minimises damage and ensures the maximum reuse resale value.

We do not impose any minimum quantities for collection and equipment can be collected loose, caged, boxed or palletised.

Our free service is flexible to meet customer requirements. So whatever your needs, we won’t have a problem meeting them. Collections can be arranged for the weekends to help the client in busy pedestrian areas or to meet deadlines.

Carbon I.T Recycling will supply WEEE storage containers and cages for their clients.

All staff are uniformed and carry photo ID

All collection non liveried vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking systems which allows us to track them at any time

At the collection point staff will tag each item including all data mediums and miscellaneous boxes with a specific job number; they will prepare an inventory detailing approximate specification and quantities of the equipment which also serves as transfer of risk for all Data sensitive assets. Two inventory sheets will be signed by the client representative, one copy is kept by the client and the other filed with the collection forms and details.

Staff will issue the client with the appropriate Environmental waste/hazardous waste transfer note.

An electronic copy is also provided with the full asset report on completion of the job.

On arrival at our facility the collection is unloaded into the CCTV monitored warehouse the equipment is quarantined and kept separate to any other equipment in the processing facility. Each item is cross referenced against the collection manifest and scanned into our dedicated ERP system for tracking and audit purposes.

Data Bearing Assets are off loaded under CCTV into a segregated and quarantined locked data eradication area. They remain in this area until they are processed. If a unit requires repair or upgrade, this is carried out by our technical staff in our clean room where equipment is prepared for resale.

Carbon I.T Recycling hold all the waste management licenses required operating in the sector and we work with the Environment agency to ensure our premises and procedures are maintained.

Our services ensure that we provide you with full legislative compliance with both UK and EU legislation including Duty of Care, ROHS, Data Protection and the WEEE Directive, giving you peace of mind that you are using a partner who is trusted.

We are able to offer our customers a true end to end IT disposal service, from collection to shredding and separating the raw materials via our facility. All of which are handled in accordance to “batrrt” Guidance Notes and as Annex II of the WEEE Directive ensuring our customers stay compliant and ahead of the regulations and laws.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) directives aim to reduce the quantity of waste from electrical and electronic and increase its re-use, recovery and recycling. The RoHS directive aims to limit the environmental impact of electrical and electronic equipment when it reached the end of its life. It does this by minimising the hazardous substances of legislation controlling hazardous substances in electrical equipment across the community. More information is available on the Environment Agency website.

We operate a 0% landfill policy our belief is underlined by recording our services for scrutiny by the relevant bodies we maintain the highest management practices 85% of equipment collected is designated as reuse in whole form enabling us to offer our clients asset return.

We maintain a dedicated software package that records the CO2 reductions achieved by reuse this record is forwarded to our clients to aid carbon reduction targets.

A collection fee may be incurred under the following circumstances:

  • Cancellation of collection within 24 hours of the designated date/time.
  • Collection of CRT Monitors (Hazardous WEEE)
  • Collection of contaminated materials(Hazardous WEEE)
  • Collection of non IT unspecified waste