Once all equipment has been unloaded from our vehicles all miscellaneous boxes will be unpacked and tagged with the specific job number. Our technical team will process your collection and record the following into our bespoke asset ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software. This information will be available to you in your asset report once the entire job is complete.

Type of equipment Manufacturer & Model Type Part Number Serial Number Asset tag details Unique Barcode number

  • Specification details
  • Reuse and Recyle
  • Carbon Offset figure
  • Erasure Report
  • Data Destruction Certificate

Every collection is checked and quality controlled by a senior member of our team to ensure that we continue to provide the best service possible. We have a wide range of procedures in place to prevent errors. There are regular spot checks and quality control measures that occur throughout the day to ensure that your equipment is being processed to the highest standard.

Asset and Date reports are electronically forwarded to the client within 10+- working days. Client data records will be maintained and kept indefinitely.