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Dispose of your I.T. equipment in a secure and eco friendly way with Carbon I.T. Recycling

How Our I.T. Disposal Works

We have one of the most robust processes in the industry. We will provide you with all relevant documents and more as part of our process.

Asset and Date reports are electronically forwarded to you within 10+- working days. Data records will be kept and maintained indefinitely in accordance with current legislation.

Carbon I.T. Recycling we understand your data destruction and erasure requirements vary. We offer a variety of solutions that can be combined and performed both on and off site. You can be assured that the security of your data is our primary concern.

Your designated account manager will ensure that you are happy with our services and available to offer advice regarding your Corporate Social and Sustainability policies.


Now that you've seen how our I.T. recycling works don't you think it's time to book your collection and reduce your carbon footprint?

What WE Collect, Refurbish and Recycle

Carbon I.T. Recycling collects all manner of waste electrical equipment. Here is a list of just some of the items that we will process for you.

  • • PCs
  • • Laptops
  • • Tablets
  • • Smartphones
  • • Servers
  • • Switches & Routers
  • • Printers
  • • Smart Boards
  • • Phone Systems
  • • Point of Sale Equipment

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And improve your corporate social responsibility



Collection Staff: Our uniformed staff are issued with photo identification and have been fully DBS/CRB checked. Our vehicles are unmarked and all tracked via GPS.

Each item is designated a job number which is fully traceable from collection point, each item is then barcoded relating to job number. The barcoding is used throughout the inspection process of all equipment and relates to all HDDs or other media type baring devices.

Legislation: Waste transfer notes and if applicable, Hazardous Waste Notes will be supplied by Carbon IT Recycling at the point of collection to form part of the transfer of custody of the assets.

Documentation: All items collected, when arriving at Carbon IT Recycling are processed through our bespoke software. The software provides our full traceability and records data such as job number, collection agent and collection address, type of equipment, make and model, serial number, customer asset number, specification, HDD drive number and drive erase status.

Our software system determines all movements of assets within a collection from initial request through the inspection and testing process to the equipment destination. The asset report and certificates are then forwarded to the customer within 5 working days. They will then be held on our system indefinitely


Earn revenue from your redundant and unused I.T. equipment.

Asset Return

We work with our clients to provide a solution that will provide you with a value for your redundant IT equipment dependent on age volume and type of equipment. When the equipment has been processed through our facility your asset report will detail its condition and specification we will forward the asset payment to you within 30 days of the collection.

We will assess the equipment market value based on the information provided by you all you have to do is ring 0151 481 0078 to


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